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Welcome to Studio Vert

We've both travelled extensively across Australia, Asia, USA and Europe, staying in everything from backpackers in the rainforest to luxury city hotels. With Studio Vert we wanted to create a low impact, welcoming space, with a community vibe and at the same time offering guests all the comfort and style of a vegan boutique hotel.

So, come and stay, relax, explore, discover and share! 

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A passionate foodie and cook, always on the look out for new vegan recipes. Worked in publishing for 25 years in the UK and Australia but at my happiest meditating in a hammock or out enjoying the nature of our beautiful home. 

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Sport and Nature are my main pillars of wellness.  We are lucky to have found a beautiful spot here at Studio Vert and being able to share it with cool humans from all around the globe is a privilege.

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