To Laroque Village

The Albera Forest on a misty day

8km | 1H40 - 2H | 265m alt gain 

An easy walk through the Albera mountains and down to Laroque village where you can do the loop and come back via the main road of the Domaine des Albères.  The Path is wide but rocky in parts so good walking shoes are recommended. On your way you will be able to enjoy the magnificent views of the Roussillon region bordered by the Mediterranean sea.

You can add to your walk by walking into the Village of Laroque, grab lunch or a coffee and walk back to Studio Vert.


View of the Roussillon plane

8.4km | 2H20 - 3H | 503m alt gain

This trail will take you through the cork-oak trees of the Albera forest where you will climb up to 565m before winding your way back to the Prieuré Santa Maria del Vilar of the village of Villelongue. At the start of the descent you will get to a natural lookout  where you can take a break, take a few photos and just take in the incredible views.  Good walking shoes are a must here as the path is mainly made of roots, rocks and fallen trees for most of the way. Make sure you follow the trail markings which can be tricky to see. Once at the Prieuré follow the road down and return via the forest path back to the Mas Catalans.


01/19 - 01/23

01/19 - 01/23

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