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2019 : The year of the vegan

According to an article in the Economist, 2019 is the year veganism goes mainstream.

From delicious vegan lamingtons, to vegan paellas and açai bowls, there are no limits to tasty options! All dishes prepared at Studio Vert. Photos: Andrea Gilbey @missck70.

Indeed  the supply of vegan meals is on the rise. Even McDonald’s has started selling McVegan burgers. Vegan product lines are sprouting everywhere from your local organic store to the large supermarket chains.

In 2018 the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation,  with a market worth of £310m . The result?  More choice and products that are getting tastier and cheaper.

This booming demand for vegan food is being driven by a very broad  consumer base, whether for reasons of health, environment, animal cruelty or simply a desire to eat less meat. 

A few all-important facts about plant-based diet are now well-established and are three-fold:

1. Environmental impact: Animal agriculture is one of the  largest sources of greenhouses emissions. So it is a no-brainer that the most impact we can have as individuals is to lower our carbon footprint by avoiding animal products.

2. Animal cruelty : Over 150 million animals are killed for food around the world every day—just on land. That's 56 billion land animals killed per year. The most obvious way of contributing to a cruelty-free world and standing against animal cruelty is to avoid animal products altogether.

3. Health: Approximately 1.7 million (2.8%) of deaths worldwide are attributable to low fruit and vegetable consumption. Low fruit and vegetable intake is among the top 10 selected risk factors for global mortality. Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits clearly ensures an adequate intake of most micronutrients, dietary fibres and a host of essential non-nutrient substances.

The world's largest Organization of Nutritional Professionals , The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics , together with the British Dietetic Association have said in their position statement on plant-based nutrition that well-planned vegan diets are suitable for all ages and stages of life. They are also linked to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lower rate of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

 The operative word here is WELL-PLANNED. If going Vegan provides a great opportunity to improve your health, lower your impact on the environment and  take a stand against animal cruelty, it will also enable you to learn more about nutrition, improve your cooking skills in order to plan and achieve that balanced healthy diet you've been searching for. 

How do I do it? From Reductarian or flexitarian to vegan or somewhere in between.

Becoming a vegan isn’t really that difficult. If going vegan in a day seems like a radical change, there is no reason why you can't  simply start by reducing your animal product consumption. Little by little you will find new eating habits, new recipes and gradually head towards a balanced plant-based diet.

You could also try to go vegan for a month or a week or even a day to start with. It is probably wise to seek some assistance or advice from a vegan friend or vegan nutritionist if you do not want to get lost in the infernal information jungle of the internet. 

Or better why not try a vegan short break away from your usual setting where you can experience a few days of cruelty-free plant-based living in a relaxed environment with people who can guide you towards healthy solutions and recipes you will be able to apply when you get back home?

Studio Vert in the South of France offers just that: a short autumn break  in beautiful surroundings at the foothills of the pyrenees where the mountains meet the sea.

For a small £295 per couple or £255 if you're travelling by yourself, you can get away for 4 nights with full vegan breakfast or brunch included and even experience a local vegan cheese and wine night in this beautifully located vegan retreat.

For more information and to book your autumn getaway go to

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