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Your health and safety is our first priority. In order to address public health concerns and reassure customers, Studio Vert has implemented a charter intended to ensure the protection of all its customers and travellers and staff.

This charter defines 11 reinforced rules in terms of

  • Hygiene

  • Prevention

  • Protection

Extra Care charter logo.png

As part of our Extra Care Charter, Studio Vert undertake to :

  1. Ensure the application of directives and recommendations of public authorities in the fight against Covid-19.

  2. Provide sanitising products in all the common areas..

  3. Enhance cleaning and disinfection of the common areas and adapt them to the requirements and recommendations of the health authorities.

  4. Enhance the cleaning of accommodation and favour wet cleaning disinfection practices.

  5. As far as possible, respect a 24-hour occupancy measure between two reservations for the same room during periods when the establishment is not fully booked.

  6. Encourage contactless payment.

  7. Impose compliance with barrier gestures by members of the establishment, its service providers and customers.

  8. Ensure clear communication on all the preventive measures against Covid-19.

  9. Respect quarantine recommendations

Note: This Charter will be regularly updated to reflect public authorities directions and recommandations.

Charter last update: 21/01/2022

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